Runway Escorts Available In Las Vegas, NV: 702-433-2076

Find Legal Escorting Services in Las Vegas! Experience the Best of Las Vegas with Runway Escorts. Create Lasting Memories with our gorgeous Escorts that are available to indulge in any luxury and pleasure. Don't Wait Enjoy the Ultimate VIP Experience today.


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    • 1. Is it Legal to Hire a Las Vegas Escort?

      We are not legal attorneys, but being a legal business we follow the laws. You can verify with state and local laws that exchanging companionship for money is legal but exchanging sex for money is illegal. Most people believe prostitution is legal in Las Vegas but that is actually false, We also like to remind you that we are a legal business and we provide you with services of companionship and beautiful entertainers. Anything else that could occur is completely between two legal consenting adults and resulting actions are not affiliated with our business in any way.


    • 2. How Discreet is it when Hiring Las Vegas Escorts?

      All of our bookings are 100% discreet. We believe your business is your own and we respect that. We will reassure you that your discretion is our commitment to excellence we strive to achieve.

    • 3. How Much Does a Session with an Escort Cost?

      Cost to hire an escort vary depending on time, day and availability. The best way to find out the fees is to give us a call at 702-433-2076 to learn more.

    • 4. Can I speak to the escort(s) before our session?

      Unfortunately no. Our Entertainers are very busy and prefer to have us deal with everything that has to do with booking times and dates. If you have any particular requests then we will communicate with the entertainer(s) as needed.

    • 5. This is My First Time and I Am Nervous. Do You Cater to First Timers?

      Yes we do! We love first timers. You have nothing to worry about, Our Entertainers will show you a great time catering to your every need.

    • 6. How Do Escort Services Work?

      When arranging to meet with any of our beautiful exciting escorts, we are not arranging for sex or sexual exchanges. WE ONLY ARRANGE FOR THE CLIENT AND ESCORT TO MEET. We are a licensed escort service, we do not provide in-call services and we are not a brothel. We do what we can to eliminate the headache to arrange a meet between client and escort on our client’s terms. It is much more convenient to request one of our escorts from our escort gallery. Bios and descriptions of the escorts are included and for any reason if you are unhappy with the escort or you are unable to come to an agreement with the escort you may kindly send her away and we can then send another beautiful escort behind her. All of our escorts are independent and all negotiate their own tips. We will never be able to give our clients a ballpark offer nor will we ever offer a dollar amount. All of our Escorts are accommodating and open minded.

    • 7. How Far Ahead Should I book an Escort?

      To make sure the Escort(s) of your choice is available its recommended  to reserve your time a week in advance. We always have beautiful escorts available 24/7.

    • 8. How do I Hire Multiple Escorts for a Bachelor Party?

      Excellent!!! We are always excited to book Dancers, Strippers or Escorts for any type of gathering. Give us a call or email us at least a few days in advance so we can coordinate all your requests accordingly

    • 9. Am I Going to Get the Actual Girl In The Picture?

      For the safety and privacy of our entertainers we cannot disclose that, But we can tell you that a few of pictures you see are models that mirror the escorts and others they are actual pictures. Either way you will not be able to tell the difference.