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  • 1. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
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  • 1. Is it Legal to Hire a Las Vegas Escort?

    We are not legal attorneys, but being a legal business we follow the laws. You can verify with state and local laws that exchanging companionship for money is legal but exchanging sex for money is illegal. Most people believe prostitution is legal in Las Vegas but that is actually false, We also like to remind you that we are a legal business and we provide you with services of companionship and beautiful entertainers. Anything else that could occur is completely between two legal consenting adults and resulting actions are not affiliated with our business in any way.


  • 2. How Discreet is it when Hiring Las Vegas Escorts?

    All of our bookings are 100% discreet. We believe your business is your own and we respect that. We will reassure you that your discretion is our commitment to excellence we strive to achieve.

  • 3. How Much Does a Session with an Escort Cost?

    Cost to hire an escort vary depending on time, day and availability. The best way to find out the fees is to give us a call at 702-433-2076 to learn more.

  • 4. Can I speak to the escort(s) before our session?

    Unfortunately no. Our Entertainers are very busy and prefer to have us deal with everything that has to do with booking times and dates. If you have any particular requests then we will communicate with the entertainer(s) as needed.

  • 5. This is My First Time and I Am Nervous. Do You Cater to First Timers?

    Yes we do! We love first timers. You have nothing to worry about, Our Entertainers will show you a great time catering to your every need.

  • 6. How Do Escort Services Work?

    When arranging to meet with any of our beautiful exciting escorts, we are not arranging for sex or sexual exchanges. WE ONLY ARRANGE FOR THE CLIENT AND ESCORT TO MEET. We are a licensed escort service, we do not provide in-call services and we are not a brothel. We do what we can to eliminate the headache to arrange a meet between client and escort on our client’s terms. It is much more convenient to request one of our escorts from our escort gallery. Bios and descriptions of the escorts are included and for any reason if you are unhappy with the escort or you are unable to come to an agreement with the escort you may kindly send her away and we can then send another beautiful escort behind her. All of our escorts are independent and all negotiate their own tips. We will never be able to give our clients a ballpark offer nor will we ever offer a dollar amount. All of our Escorts are accommodating and open minded.

  • 7. How Far Ahead Should I book an Escort?

    To make sure the Escort(s) of your choice is available its recommended  to reserve your time a week in advance. We always have beautiful escorts available 24/7.

  • 8. How do I Hire Multiple Escorts for a Bachelor Party?

    Excellent!!! We are always excited to book Dancers, Strippers or Escorts for any type of gathering. Give us a call or email us at least a few days in advance so we can coordinate all your requests accordingly

  • 9. Am I Going to Get the Actual Girl In The Picture?

    For the safety and privacy of our entertainers we cannot disclose that, But we can tell you that a few of pictures you see are models that mirror the escorts and others they are actual pictures. Either way you will not be able to tell the difference.

  • 10. What to Expect During an Escort Encounter
    1. Before the date: Ensure that the space where you’ll meet the escort is tidy and clean, especially the bathroom. Take care of your personal hygiene as well.
    2. When your escort arrives: Be friendly and allow them time to settle in. Offer them a drink or a tour of your place if appropriate.
    3. Payment: Give the escort their fee as soon as possible, preferably in an envelope. Understand that they may need to make a safety call to inform someone of their whereabouts.
    4. Taking a shower: Your escort may ask you to shower upon arrival. This is a standard procedure for cleanliness and comfort.
    5. Getting comfortable: Spend some time getting to know your escort, just as you would on a regular date. This helps create a relaxed atmosphere before getting intimate.
    6. Getting intimate: Follow your escort’s lead in initiating the sexual aspect of the session. Communicate your desires and ask for consent.
    7. Health check: Your escort may discreetly perform a visual check for any visible signs of sexually transmitted infections (STIs). They have the right to refuse certain services if there are concerns.
    8. Practicing safer sex: Use condoms and follow your escort’s instructions regarding safer sex practices. Safer sex is non-negotiable for the well-being of both parties.
    9. Pleasing your escort: Pay attention to your escort’s needs and desires. Communicate openly and ask for consent for any new or intense activities.
    10. Reaching orgasm: Don’t feel pressured to orgasm during the session. Focus on enjoying the experience and connecting with your escort.
    11. Finishing up the session: The session typically concludes with cuddling and chatting. Allow time for both parties to freshen up and gather their belongings. Thank your escort if you had a good time, but there’s no obligation to promise future bookings or leave a tip.

    Remember that every escort may have their own preferences and guidelines, so it’s essential to follow their lead and communicate openly throughout the experience.

  • 11. How to Find Reputable Escorts in Las Vegas

    1. Hiring an escort in Vegas can be risky, but if you still want to proceed, it’s important to follow certain guidelines.
    2. Prostitution is illegal in Las Vegas due to its population size, but hiring escorts for companionship is allowed.
    3. Trusted escort websites like Runway Escorts, Lollipop Escorts, Eros, and Adult Search are recommended to find legitimate escorts.
    4. It’s crucial to research and verifies the authenticity of an escort by checking reviews, searching for them on The Review websites, and confirming their profile pictures.
    5. Avoid finding escorts through Las Vegas strip flyers as they are often scams.
    6. Look for signs of legitimacy, such as online reviews, active social media presence, and professional-looking photos that match across different platforms.
    7. Be cautious about explicit language during communication to avoid potential legal issues.
    8. It’s advisable to meet the escort in person to assess the situation and discuss services before making any decisions.
    9. Never provide credit card information before meeting the escort in person, and be wary of meeting at their place for safety reasons.
    10. Do not accept drugs or alcohol from the escort to avoid potential risks.
    11. The article also suggests alternatives to hiring an escort, such as visiting legal brothels outside Clark County or enjoying strip clubs or swinger clubs in Las Vegas.

  • 12. How to Contact and Make a Date With an Escort in Vegas
    1. Be friendly and respectful when communicating with escorts or booking agents. Being kind and positive can help you build trust and increase your chances of booking a companion.
    2. Start the conversation by introducing yourself and asking about the escort’s services. Treat them with respect and specify the escort you’re interested in if you’re contacting an agency. You can say something like, “Hi, I’m John. Is Sandra available this weekend?” or “Hello, I’m Bobby. Can you tell me more about your services?”
    3. Clearly express your desire to make an appointment. Avoid using inappropriate language or discussing illegal activities. Be straightforward about your needs and preferences. For example, you can say, “Hi! I’m Billy, and I saw your ad online. I’d like to make an appointment,” or “I’m looking for a companion for dinner this weekend. Can you provide that service?”
    4. Avoid using code words or asking about illegal activities. Smart escorts will not answer explicit questions. Stick to what is mentioned in their ad to know what services they offer.
    5. Provide your real name and phone number to the escort or booking agents. They may research you online for safety purposes. You don’t need to share other personal information.
    6. Agree on a time and place to meet. Avoid putting the responsibility on the escort or booking agents to choose. Pick a time and location that makes you comfortable. For instance, you can ask, “Can we meet at The Overlook lobby at 8:00 PM tonight?”
    7. Clearly communicate your plans for the date if asked. Escorts often rely on specific schedules. Provide details on where you intend to go and what activities you have in mind.
    8. Discuss and agree upon the payment for the date in advance. Settle a pricing agreement before finalizing the arrangement. Be clear about the duration of the date to ensure an accurate price.
    9. Dress appropriately and groom yourself for the date. Treat it like any other date and make an effort to look presentable.
    10. Prepare the payment in cash and place it in a white envelope. Most escorts cannot accept bank or credit card payments. Have the agreed amount ready and put it in an accessible location, like a table, when you meet.
    11. If you change your mind, politely cancel the date by contacting the escort or booking agents. Apologize for any inconvenience caused and consider leaving a tip for their time and effort in scheduling.
    12. If the escort doesn’t match their ad or if there are discrepancies, you have the right to refuse the service. Confirm the escort’s age if necessary and avoid engaging with someone under 18. Keep in mind that if you decide to proceed with the date, you’ll still need to pay, even if it’s not what you initially wanted.
  • 13. How to Choose the Right Escort for Your Needs

    Finding an Escort

    1. Use an escort directory site or search online to find escorts near you. You can also check out sites like Runway Escorts, Lollipop Escorts, Escorts Tonight, Slixa, Eros, or Escort Directory.
    2. Look for ads about escort agencies online or in adult magazines. Agencies like Runway Escorts can provide recommendations and assistance in selecting an escort.
    3. Set a budget for what you’re willing to pay. Most escorts charge by the hour, so knowing your budget can help you find an escort that fits within your means.
    4. Research the escort online before booking an appointment. Look for reviews and confirm their age to ensure their legitimacy.
    5. Make an appointment with the escort by discussing the date, time, and meeting place. Clearly communicate your expectations for the appointment.

    Meeting an Escort

    1. Prepare for the meeting as you would for any other date. Take a shower, brush your teeth, and dress nicely to show respect for the escort’s time.
    2. Be cautious when meeting the escort for the first time. Trust your instincts and prioritize your safety. If something feels off, walk away.
    3. Confirm the escort’s identity and ensure they match their description. You can ask for identification or an escorting license, if available.
    4. Show the escort the agreed-upon payment before starting your time together. This demonstrates that you respect their time and are aware of the transaction.

    Remember, paying for sexual acts is illegal in many places, so it’s important to focus on companionship and stay within the bounds of the law.

  • 14. What Services Do Escorts Typically Offer

    While Las Vegas is a popular destination known for its vibrant nightlife, casinos, and entertainment, it’s important to be aware of the laws and regulations surrounding escorts and prostitution to ensure a safe and enjoyable visit. Here are some key points to keep in mind:

    1. Escorts and Escort Services: Escorts are companions who provide services such as showing you around the city and offering entertainment. They are paid for their time and can provide various services without involving sexual activities. However, consensual sex may be agreed upon separately.
    2. Legality of Escorts: Escort services are legal in Las Vegas and Clark County, but there are restrictions. When hiring an escort, ask for their license or work cards as mandated by the state. Escorts are not allowed to offer sexual services for a fee or advertise such services. Beware of scammers posing as escorts offering sex, as this can land you in legal trouble.
    3. Prostitution in Las Vegas: Prostitution is illegal in most parts of the United States, including Clark County, which includes Las Vegas. However, in Nevada, prostitution is legal only in counties with a population of fewer than 700,000 people. Las Vegas falls under the jurisdiction where prostitution is illegal. Engaging in prostitution can lead to arrest and legal consequences.
    4. Differences Between Prostitutes and Escorts: The key distinction between prostitutes and escorts is that escorts are paid for their time and companionship, while prostitutes receive payment for sexual activities. It is important to understand this distinction to avoid engaging in illegal activities.
    5. Risks and Scams: Beware of sting operations and undercover officers posing as escorts to catch individuals involved in illegal activities. Engaging with prostitutes can lead to legal trouble, and tourists are particularly vulnerable. It is advisable to hire legal escorts and ensure they possess the required permits and licenses.

    In summary, if you’re seeking companionship in Las Vegas, it is safer and legal to hire an escort who provides non-sexual services. Always prioritize your safety, be aware of the laws, and avoid engaging in illegal activities to have a trouble-free visit to Sin City.