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    Warning Signs That You May Be Talking to a Prostitute

    • August 30th, 2022

    If you’re not familiar with when you are being baited by a prostitute or a Hooker in Las Vegas We have the 8 Redflag warnings to help you avoid getting robbed or arrested when hooking up with girls in Las Vegas. Whether you think of it as sex work or something else, prostitution is still illegal in many places in the United States and most other countries around the world. Even if it’s not currently illegal where you live, it’s important to keep yourself safe by knowing the signs that you may be talking to a prostitute who could put your personal safety at risk. Here are some warning signs that your social interaction with someone may have taken an unsafe turn toward prostitution.

    If She’s Too Good to be True

    There’s nothing wrong with being attracted to someone who’s out of your league. We’ve all been there. But if you find yourself attracted to someone who’s a little too good to be true, she may be a prostitute. Here are some warning signs that this person is not what they seem:
    The person is too good-looking. Some people might have it in their heads that all prostitutes are easy on their eyes, but that’s not always true. As strange as it may sound, if you’re attracted to someone who is stunningly gorgeous and has rock-hard abs, there’s a chance she could be selling her body for money. A prostitute wants men to want her sexually so they’ll fork over more cash for her services. Why would you pay for sex if your date didn’t look like Angelina Jolie?

    If She’s a Lot Younger Than You

    If you’re a middle-aged man and the woman you’re talking to is a lot younger and hotter than you, there’s a good chance she’s a prostitute. If you sitting at a casino bar in Las Vegas and she’s being overly flirtatious and sexual with you, that’s another sign that she may be looking for a business. A third sign is if she’s touching your arm or your hand as you talk. And finally, if she offers you special services during your conversation or if it becomes clear after talking to her for a while that her goal was money all along, then it’s likely she’s a prostitute.

    You Get Her Phone Number Without Asking

    You may be talking to a prostitute if you get her phone number without asking. This is a major warning sign that she is only interested in money. If you are talking to someone and they immediately give you their phone number, be wary. Another warning sign is if she refuses to give you her last name or if she gives you a fake name. If the person you are talking to is evasive about their personal life, it’s another warning sign that they may be a prostitute. Another easy tell sign is she has multiple phones with her.

    If She Asks You to Meet at Night

    There are many red flags that indicate someone may be a prostitute, but one of the most telling is if they ask to meet during late hours. If you’re talking to someone online and they suddenly want to meet up with you at night, it’s likely that they’re not just looking for companionship. Asking to meet late at night or after 1:00 am is often a sign that your date will involve a prostitute asking for Money.

    She is Dressed Up and Alone Sitting at a Casino Bar

    If you’re alone at a casino bar and you see a woman who is dressed up and looking around nervously, there’s a good chance she’s a prostitute. She may be waiting for a date or scanning the room for potential customers. If you approach her, she may be willing to talk very easily. A common way prostitutes find their next customer is by having a drink with them. The drink can turn into dinner and if dinner turns into drinks then she will ask you to take you back to your hotel room for the night.

    She Loses Intrest Quickly Once You Decline

    If you’re looking for someone special instead of a one-night stand, a professional will usually end it right there and move on–possibly to the guy standing next to you. They don’t want to waste their time with people who are looking for something they can’t offer. She’ll be much more interested in talking to you if she thinks that she has money she can take from you. The ladies of the night are all about squeezing in as many customers as possible. If you’re not showing interest at all, she will inevitably become agitated or abruptly leave (though it’s also possible that you’re just not very interesting).

    She Gets Nurvous around Security

    Most women would feel at ease if they noticed police officers or security guards nearby. However, a prostitute might become alarmed and suggest moving to another location. If you sense she’s trying to get away from someone she should be comfortable with, then it’s possible that she’s being threatened by her pimp. She Makes Up Excuses To Leave: If you’re talking with a woman who suddenly begins making up excuses to leave the conversation, chances are she’s not interested in talking with you.

    Simple Red Flags You are Trying to Avoid

    Here is a simple list of examples that a prostitute might be trying to bait you.

    1. If An attractive, well-dressed young woman sits at a bar at an upscale business-oriented property. She’s sipping excruciatingly slowly at her drink, slow-playing video poker on min stakes. Looks for all the world like she’s waiting for her beau to whisk her away.

    2. You’re playing at the slots. A rather nice young woman sits down at the next machine. She’s chatty, friendly — easy company. You ask what she’s doing in town. She mentions she’s a student, doing escort work to help with the bills, waiting for the agency to call with the next job.

    3. A slightly overdressed lady — often one of a pair — flashes you a smile, and asks you if you’re “Interested in some business”.

    4. If you are gambling and winning, they will sit next to you. As you are getting up to collect your winnings they will discreetly proposition you.

    5. She’ll be looking around, rather than nursing her drink or looking at her phone. And she’ll be willing to chat with almost any guy who walks up to her.

    Words of caution, though, specific to the Las Vegas area: prostitution is illegal not only in Clark County but in the surrounding area. In fact, the nearest legal prostitution is in Pahrump, Nye County NV, about 60 miles away. So that “hooker” you spotted might just be a law enforcement officer on a sting.

    There are numerous stories of “Johns” in Vegas being drugged, robbed, mugged by pimps,…you name it. These are the unfortunate consequences of making prostitution illegal instead of legitimizing and regulating it. Reputedly, you may get some joy (ahem!) if you ask to look in the right direction, hiring a Runway Escort can keep you the same and if you tip generously, you might find exactly what you’re looking for.

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