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Escort Terminology: The Complete Guide to Understanding Escort Services

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Escort Terminology: The Complete Guide to Understanding Escort Services

  • January 25th, 2024

The world of escort services is rich with specific terminology that can be baffling to those unfamiliar with the industry. This comprehensive guide aims to demystify these terms, providing clear and detailed explanations for anyone interested in understanding the nuances of escort services. From “Las Vegas anal escorts” to “what does full service mean sexually,” this article covers a wide array of terms used within the escort industry.

Essential Escort Terms Explained

  1. Las Vegas Anal Escorts Refers to escorts in Las Vegas who offer anal sex as a part of their services. It’s essential to discuss boundaries and consent explicitly when engaging in such activities.
  2. Full Service (FS) “Full service” in the escort context generally includes a range of sexual activities such as vaginal intercourse, oral sex, and sometimes anal sex. It answers the common question, “what does full service mean sexually?”
  3. GFE (Girl Friend Experience) A service where the escort offers a more intimate and personal experience, similar to a romantic relationship. This may include companionship, emotional intimacy, and sexual activities.
  4. PSE (Porn Star Experience) A service that is more sexually adventurous and explicit, resembling the experiences portrayed in adult films. It often includes various sexual positions and activities.
  5. BDSM An acronym for Bondage and Discipline, Dominance and Submission, Sadism and Masochism. It involves various practices, including bondage, role-playing, and power dynamics.
  6. COB (Come on Body) This term signifies the act of ejaculation on the escort’s body. It’s important to agree on such activities beforehand to ensure mutual comfort.
  7. DATY (Dining at the ‘Y’) A slang term for cunnilingus, or oral sex performed on a woman. It is crucial to maintain hygiene and consent in such activities.
  8. Greek In escort terminology, ‘Greek’ refers to anal sex. Clear communication and consent are vital when engaging in this service.
  9. MSOG (Multiple Shots on Goal) Indicates that the client is allowed multiple orgasms during the session. This term highlights the flexibility and endurance of the escort.
  10. Out-Call and In-Call “Out-call” refers to when the escort travels to the client’s location. “In-call” is when the client visits the escort at their location.

Additional Escort Terminology

  1. BBBJ (Bareback Blow Job) Oral sex without a condom. While it increases the sensation, it also raises the risk of STIs.
  2. CIM (Come in Mouth) The act of ejaculating in the escort’s mouth. It’s important to discuss comfort levels with this act beforehand.
  3. COB (Come on Body) A term used to describe the act of ejaculating on the escort’s body, excluding the face.
  4. DATY (Dining at the ‘Y’) A slang term for performing oral sex on a woman.
  5. DFK (Deep French Kissing) An intense form of kissing involving tongues. It suggests a higher level of intimacy and connection.
  6. Escort Service An agency that provides escorts for social functions, corporate events, or private entertainment. Escorts can also offer more intimate experiences depending on individual agreements.
  7. In-Call and Out-Call “In-call” refers to services provided at the escort’s location, while “out-call” refers to services provided at the client’s location, such as a hotel or home.
  8. FBSM (Full Body Sensual Massage) A massage that covers the entire body and often includes erotic stimulation. It may or may not include sexual activities.
  9. Full Service (FS) In the context of escort services, “full service” typically means that the escort offers a range of sexual activities, including intercourse and oral sex. It’s a term often inquired about with searches like “what does full service mean sexually.”
  10. GFE (Girl Friend Experience) This term describes a service where the escort offers an experience akin to being in a romantic relationship, emphasizing emotional intimacy and companionship along with physical intimacy.
  11. Las Vegas Anal Escorts This term refers to escorts in Las Vegas who offer anal sex as part of their services. It’s important to approach this topic with mutual respect and understanding of boundaries.
  12. MSOG (Multiple Shots on Goal) This term indicates that the client is allowed to have multiple orgasms during the session.
  13. Nuru Massage A Japanese erotic massage technique involving one or both parties being covered in an odorless, tasteless massage gel, typically made from seaweed.
  14. PSE (Porn Star Experience) A service where the escort provides a more adventurous and often more explicit sexual experience, similar to what one might see in adult films.
  15. Role-Playing Engaging in imaginative roles during an encounter. This can range from simple scenarios like student-teacher to more complex fantasies.
  16. Foot Fetish A sexual interest in feet. Escorts offering this service cater to clients who find erotic pleasure in feet and related activities.
  17. Water Sports A term for sexual activities involving urine. It’s a niche service and requires explicit consent and understanding between parties.
  18. Cuckolding A fetish or fantasy where a man derives pleasure from watching his partner engage in sexual activity with another person.
  19. Swinging Participating in a lifestyle that involves engaging in sexual activities with different partners, either as a single individual or as a couple.
  20. S&M (Sadism and Masochism) Activities that involve giving or receiving pain and humiliation. It’s a part of the broader BDSM spectrum.
  21. Fetish Play Engaging in sexual activities that involve specific fetishes, which can range from bondage gear to specific role-play scenarios.
  22. Duo and Trio Services involving two or three escorts simultaneously. These encounters offer a dynamic and often more intense experience.
  23. Incognito Visit An escort service where the escort dresses or behaves in a manner that is inconspicuous to maintain discretion.
  24. Sugar Daddy/Baby Relationship A relationship where one party, usually older and wealthier (sugar daddy), provides support to a younger partner (sugar baby) in exchange for companionship and/or sexual favors.

Navigating Legalities and Safety

Understanding the legality of escort services is crucial. In some regions, escort services are legal if they focus on companionship, but paying for sexual services might not be. Always adhere to local laws and regulations.

Safety is paramount in any escort-client interaction. Both parties should prioritize consent, mutual respect, and clear communication. It’s also essential to practice safe sex to minimize the risk of sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

  • What Does ‘Greek’ Mean in Escort Services? ‘Greek’ is slang for anal sex. It’s important to communicate clearly and respect the escort’s boundaries and comfort level regarding this service.
  • How Does One Approach Hiring an Escort? Research reputable agencies or independent escorts, understand their services and rates, and approach them with respect and clarity about your expectations and boundaries.
  • Is It Legal to Hire an Escort? The legality of hiring an escort varies by location. In many places, hiring an escort for companionship is legal, but paying for sexual services may not be. Always research and adhere to local laws.

Full List Below:


  • AAMP: Residential apartments used as massage parlors, often by Asian providers, where sexual services are offered.
  • AMP: Asian Massage Parlor, typically offering massages and potential sexual services.
  • ABC/ABJ: American-born individuals of Chinese or Japanese descent.
  • AFF: Adult Friend Finder, a popular dating website in the USA.
  • Agency: A business that manages bookings, advertising, and other aspects for escorts.
  • Aircon: A term for a blowjob performed with a mint in the mouth for a cooling sensation.
  • Amazon: A tall, strong woman with a dominant or masculine presence.
  • Analingus/Anal Rimming/AR: Oral stimulation of the anus.
  • Around the World: A service involving both analingus and fellatio.
  • Asian Cowgirl: A sex position where the woman is on top, squatting over the man.
  • ASP: Adult Service Provider.
  • ATF: All-Time Favorite, a client’s preferred escort.
  • ATM: Ass to Mouth, a sexual act involving oral sex immediately following anal sex.
  • Aunt Flo: A euphemism for menstruation.
  • AVN: Adult Video News/Awards, a major event in the porn industry.


  • Babyback: A young, petite, and attractive Asian woman.
  • Backpage: A former online platform for escort ads.
  • Bad Boy Report: A website for reporting problematic clients.
  • Bait and Switch: When the escort who arrives is different from the one advertised.
  • Baja Sur: Slang for genitals, derived from Spanish.
  • Balloons: Breast implants.
  • Bareback: Sexual intercourse without a condom.
  • Barracuda: A prostitute primarily focused on financial gain with minimal service.
  • BBBJ: Bareback Blow Job, oral sex without a condom.
  • BBBJTC: Bareback Blow Job to Completion, oral sex until orgasm without a condom.
  • BBBJNQNS/BBBJTCWS: Oral sex to completion without a condom, with no quitting or spitting/swallowing.
  • BBFS: Bareback Full Service, sexual intercourse without a condom.
  • BBS: Barber Shop, a euphemism for a massage parlor.
  • BBW: Big Beautiful Woman.
  • BCD: Behind Closed Doors, indicating private activities.
  • BDSM: Bondage, Discipline, Sadomasochism, a category of sexual activities involving power play and restraint.
  • Beret: Slang for a condom.
  • Beso Negro: Anal Rimming.
  • BF: Boyfriend.
  • BFE: Boyfriend Experience, a service that mimics a real romantic relationship.
  • BGB: Boy-girl-boy threesome.
  • BJ: Blow Job, oral sex on a man.
  • Blackhole: Slang for the anus.
  • BLS: Ball Licking and Sucking.
  • Blue Pill/Blue Steel: Viagra.
  • Brothel: An establishment where sex workers offer services.
  • Brown Shower: Defecation on a partner.
  • BS: Body Slide or Body Scrub, a service involving physical contact and often lubricants.
  • BSD: Big Swinging Dick, a boastful term.
  • BSW: Black Street Walker.
  • Butterface: A woman deemed attractive except for her face.


  • Call Agency: A large escort agency with many providers.
  • Call Girl: An out-call escort.
  • Cash and Dash: Taking payment without providing services.
  • Casino Girl: A sex worker soliciting in casino bars.
  • CBJ: Covered Blow Job, oral sex with a condom.
  • CC Rider: A full-service provider charging $200 or less.
  • CD: Cross-dresser.
  • CDS: Covered Doggy Style.
  • CFM: “Come Fuck Me,” a suggestive appearance.
  • CFS: Covered Full Service, sexual intercourse with a condom.
  • CIM: Cum in Mouth.
  • CMT: Certified Massage Therapist.
  • COB: Cum on Breasts.
  • COF: Cum on Face.
  • Completion: Orgasm during a sexual act.
  • Cover: A condom.
  • Craigslist: A classified ad website used by some escorts.
  • Crime Scene Action: Sexual activity during menstruation.
  • Cruising: Searching for sex workers.


  • Dance and Dash: A scam where the provider leaves without providing services.
  • Date: A session with a sex worker.
  • Date-Check: A screening website.
  • DATO: Dining at the O, analingus.
  • DATY: Dining at the Y, performing oral sex on a woman.
  • DDF: Drug and Disease Free.
  • DDG: Drop Dead Gorgeous.
  • Deep Throat: Oral sex technique involving swallowing the entire penis.
  • Defender: Someone who defends a sex worker in reviews.
  • Deposit: Upfront payment for a session.
  • DFK: Deep French Kissing.
  • DIY: Do It Yourself, masturbation.
  • Doggie Style: Sex position with the man behind the woman.
  • Donation: Payment for a sex worker’s time and services.
  • Doubles: A threesome with two sex workers.
  • DP: Double Penetration.
  • DS: Doggy Style.
  • DSL: Dick Sucking Lips.
  • DT: Deep Throat or Dining at the Toes.


  • ECCIE: A review board for clients and sex workers.
  • Ed Zachary Disease: A derogatory term for an unattractive face.
  • Ellie: Law Enforcement.
  • EMA: Extra-Marital Affairs.
  • EMP: European Massage Parlor.
  • Envelope: A discreet method of payment.
  • EOM: End Of Message.
  • Eros: An online database for escort ads.


  • Face Painting: Ejaculating on a partner’s face.
  • Facial: Cumming on a partner’s face.
  • FBSM: Full Body Sensual Massage.
  • FFF: “Find them, Fuck them, Forget them” strategy.
  • Fire and Ice: A blowjob technique involving hot and cold sensations.
  • FIV: Finger In Vagina.
  • Five-O: A police officer.
  • FJ: Foot Job or Fuck Job.
  • FK: French Kiss.
  • FKK: Frei Körper Kultur, a German nudist club.
  • Flake/Flaky: Unreliable behavior, often used for no-show providers.
  • FOB: Fresh Off the Boat, a recent Asian immigrant.
  • FOTC: Fuck Of The Century.
  • FOV: Finger Outside Vagina.
  • FR: Field Report or Fuck Review, a detailed account of an encounter with a sex worker, often posted on review boards.
  • French: Refers to oral sex performed on either party.
  • French Kissing: Kissing with tongue contact, indicating a more intimate interaction.
  • French Without: Oral sex performed without a condom.
  • FS: Full Service, meaning the sex worker provides a range of sexual acts including intercourse.
  • Full Meal Deal: A service that includes full service with vaginal intercourse until completion.
  • FUTB: Finger Up The Butt, a sexual act involving anal stimulation with a finger.


  • GBG: Girl-Boy-Girl, a threesome involving two women and one man.
  • Get Comfortable: A phrase indicating that the client should undress completely.
  • GDP: Garota de Program, Portuguese for a sex worker or someone in the adult industry.
  • GF: Girlfriend.
  • GFE: Girlfriend Experience, a service providing a more intimate and authentic dating-like experience, often including activities like kissing, cuddling, and conversational companionship.
  • GF3: Girlfriend Experience with all three orifices available for sexual activities.
  • Glove: Slang for a condom.
  • GND: Girl Next Door, a term used to describe a sex worker who has a more natural or relatable appearance.
  • Golden Shower: The act of urinating on a partner, a form of urine play.
  • Greek: Slang for anal sex.
  • GRO: Guest Relations Officer, commonly used in the Philippines to refer to women working in nightclubs or similar establishments, often as a polite term for sex workers.
  • GS: Golden Shower, another term for urine play.
  • GSM: G-Spot Massage, a type of sexual massage focusing on the G-spot.
  • GV: Geschlechtsverkehr, German for intercourse.


  • Half and Half: A service combining oral sex and intercourse.
  • Happy Ending: A massage that concludes with a handjob or blowjob.
  • Hardwood Floors: Slang for a completely shaven pubic area.
  • Hat: Another term for a condom.
  • HC: Health Center or High Class, often used to describe the quality of a service or establishment.
  • HDH: High Dollar Hottie, a term for a particularly attractive and expensive sex worker.
  • HE: Happy Ending.
  • Herb Friendly: Open to or tolerant of marijuana use.
  • HH: Half Hour, a shorter session duration.
  • HHHJ: Half Hearted Hand Job, a handjob lacking enthusiasm or effort.
  • Hidden Charges: Additional fees requested by a provider during a session for services not initially included in the advertised price.
  • Hindu Massage: In Argentina, a technique where a woman uses vaginal muscle contractions to enhance sexual pleasure.
  • HJ: Hand Job.
  • HM: High Mileage, indicating a sex worker who provides extensive physical interaction or allows more intimate activities.
  • HME: Honeymoon Experience, a service mimicking the affection and intimacy of a honeymoon.
  • Hobby: The act of patronizing prostitutes.
  • Hobbyist: A person who frequently visits prostitutes and considers it a hobby.
  • Hooker: A common term for a prostitute.
  • Hostess Club: A type of strip club where sexual services can be negotiated.
  • Hourly: A hotel or establishment rented by the hour, often for sexual encounters.
  • House: An underground brothel, sometimes involving trafficked or underage individuals.
  • HR: Hand Release, another term for a handjob.
  • HSW: Hispanic Street Walker.
  • HTUMA: Her Tongue Up My Ass, slang for a rim job.
  • HWP: Height and Weight Proportionate, often used in personal ads to describe body type.


  • IMHO: In My Humble/Honest Opinion.
  • Independent/Indie: An escort who operates independently without an agency, managing all aspects of their business.
  • IPO: Initial Public Offering, used metaphorically to describe the introduction of a new sex worker, often in a review.
  • ISO: In Search Of.
  • Italian: A sexual act involving penis rubbing between butt cheeks.


  • Jack Shack: An establishment, like a massage parlor, offering limited services like handjobs.
  • Jimmy Hat: Slang for a condom.
  • John: A man who patronizes prostitutes.


  • Kitty: Slang for vagina.


  • Lapdog: Someone who excessively adores or idolizes sex workers.
  • L/A/S: Looks/Attitude/Service, a ranking system used in reviews to rate sex workers.
  • Landing Strip: A style of pubic hair grooming leaving a narrow strip of hair.
  • LBFM: Little Brown Fucking Machine, a derogatory term for a petite Asian sex worker.
  • LC: Local Chinese.
  • LCN: Latin Chica Network, a hypothetical network of communication among Latina sex workers.
  • LDL: Low Dollar Looker, a term for a less expensive sex worker.
  • LE: Law Enforcement.
  • LEO: Law Enforcement Officer.
  • LFK: Light French Kissing, kissing with minimal tongue use.
  • Little Blue Helper/Little Blue Pill: Slang for Viagra.
  • LK: Light Kissing, closed-mouth kissing.
  • LMP: Licensed Massage Practitioner.
  • LOL: Laugh Out Loud.
  • LOS: Land of Smiles, referring to Thailand.
  • Lot Lizards: Prostitutes who work at truck stops.
  • LSB: Lap Sup Bar, a low-class bar, often with sex workers.
  • LT: Long Time, usually referring to an overnight stay.
  • L1, L2, L3 UTR: Under The Radar slang for various sexual services: handjob, blowjob, full service.
  • LTR: Long Term Relationship; also refers to the madame of an agency.


  • Mall/Escort Mall: A website advertising various independent and agency escorts.
  • Mamasan: Female manager of an Asian massage parlor.
  • Man in a Boat: Slang for the clitoris.
  • Massage Parlor: A location offering massages and sometimes sexual services.
  • MBR: Multiple Bell Ringing, another term for Multiple Shots on Goal (MSOG).
  • Mediterranean: Slang for anal sex.
  • Merkin: A pubic hair wig.
  • MFF/MFM: Threesome configurations: Male-Female-Female or Male-Female-Male.
  • MG: Massage Girl.
  • MIB: Man in Blue, referring to a law enforcement officer.
  • Mileage: A term describing how accommodating or value-for-money a sex worker is.
  • MILF: Mother I’d Like to Fuck, a term for an attractive older woman.
  • Mish: Missionary position.
  • Missionary: Traditional sex position with the man on top.
  • MJ: Massage Job.
  • ML: Make Love or Massage Lady.
  • MM: Man-Made breasts, referring to breast implants.
  • Mohawk: A thin strip of pubic hair.
  • Monger: A derogatory term for someone who frequents prostitutes.
  • MP: Massage Parlor.
  • MPA: Massage Parlor Attendant.
  • MSOG: Multiple Shots on Goal, allowing the client multiple orgasms during a session.
  • Multiple Pops: The allowance of more than one orgasm in a session by the sex worker.


  • National Blacklist: A website where sex workers can report dangerous clients and share information for safety.
  • NCNS: No Call, No Show, when a client or escort doesn’t show up for an appointment without notification.
  • Newbie: A person new to using escort services or a new sex worker.
  • NGP: Non Genuine Photos, indicating photos that do not accurately represent the sex worker.
  • NMG: No-Money Guys, clients who are known for being frugal or seeking inexpensive services.
  • Nooner: A session scheduled during lunchtime or the afternoon, often used by clients who are married.
  • No-Show: When either the client or the escort fails to appear for an arranged appointment.
  • No-Touch: A rule in some establishments where no physical contact is allowed.
  • NQBC: Non-quitter, but covered, referring to a covered blowjob performed to completion.
  • NQBS: Non-quitter, but spitter, where the sex worker performs oral sex to completion and then spits.
  • NQNS: Non-quitter, non-spitter, indicating oral sex to completion with swallowing.
  • NSA: No Strings Attached, a type of relationship or encounter with no emotional commitment.
  • NURU: A type of erotic massage using a special gel for body sliding.


  • O: Orgasm.
  • Os: Multiple orgasms.
  • Off-the-clock: Activities with a provider that are not charged, like socializing.
  • OKP/OKT: Terms used in Hokkien (a Chinese dialect) for female or male pimps or supervisors in spas.
  • OMFIAMP: One Man’s Food Is Another Man’s Poison, suggesting that preferences vary.
  • ONS: One Night Stand, a sexual encounter with no expectation of further contact.
  • OTOH: On The Other Hand.
  • Outcall: Service where the sex worker visits the client’s location.
  • Out/Outed: Revealing private or personal information about a client or provider publicly.
  • OV: Oralverkehr, German for oral sex.
  • OVN: Overnight service.
  • OWO: Oral Without a Condom.
  • OWOTC: Oral Without Condom To Completion.


  • P4P: Pay for Play, referring to the transactional nature of sex work.
  • Papasan: Male manager of an Asian massage parlor.
  • Party Hat: Slang for a condom.
  • Pearl Necklace: Ejaculation on a partner’s neck and/or chest.
  • PFF: Pussy For Free, indicating sexual encounters without financial exchange.
  • Pimp: A person who manages and profits from the earnings of sex workers.
  • Pinay: A girl from the Philippines.
  • PIV: Penis in Vagina.
  • PL: Pathetic Loser.
  • PM: Private Message, a feature on forums and message boards.
  • PO: Phone Operator.
  • POF: Plenty of Fish, a dating website.
  • Pooner: A hobbyist deeply involved in the culture and community of sex work.
  • Pops, multiple: Allowing more than one orgasm in a session.
  • POS: Pussy on the Side.
  • Papers: Referring to STD test results.
  • Preferred 411: A third-party service for screening clients and providers.
  • Price per act: Charging different rates for different sexual acts.
  • Prostitution: The exchange of sexual services for money or goods.
  • Provider: Another term for a sex worker.
  • PS: Private Show, typically a dance or striptease.
  • PSE: Porn Star Experience, a type of service mimicking adult film scenes.
  • Punter: British slang for a client of sex workers.
  • PV: Private Viewing, typically referring to a private dance or show.
  • PW: Pussy Whipped, a term for a man dominated by a woman due to sexual control.


  • R & T: Rub and Tug, a massage followed by a handjob.
  • RA: Relaxation Assistant.
  • Raincoat: Another term for a condom.
  • RAW: Sex without a condom.
  • RB:, a former review site for sex workers.
  • RCA: Reverse Cowgirl Anal.
  • Renegade: An independent sex worker not using a pimp’s services.
  • REQ: Request, used in online posts for seeking information.
  • REV: Review, often used in subject lines of online posts reviewing providers.
  • Reverse Cowgirl: A sex position where the woman is on top facing away from the man.
  • Reverse Half and Half: Intercourse followed by oral sex.
  • Reverse Massage: When the client gives a massage to the provider.
  • Review: A detailed evaluation of a provider’s services, often posted online.
  • Review Boards: Online platforms where clients and providers discuss and review services.
  • Reverse Oral: The client performs oral sex on the provider.
  • Rimming: Analingus, oral stimulation of the anus.
  • RLD: Red Light District.
  • RMP: Russian Massage Parlor.
  • ROB: Rip Off Bitch, a term for a dishonest provider.
  • ROFLMAO: Rolling On the Floor Laughing My Ass Off.
  • Roman: An orgy situation.
  • Roman Shower: Vomit play.
  • Roses: Euphemism for money, with each ‘rose’ representing a set amount of dollars.
  • RPG: Role-Playing Games.
  • RSK2: A third-party screening service for clients and providers.
  • RTF: Return To Fuck.
  • RTFF: Read the Fucking Forum.
  • Russian: A sexual act involving penis stimulation between breasts.
  • Russian (In Australia): A quick sexual session.


  • Safe: Sexual activities are undertaken with precautions like condoms to prevent disease transmission.
  • San Juan Capistrano: A term for a blowjob to completion with swallowing.
  • Sandbag/Sandbagger: A misleading review or reviewer.
  • Sans: Without, such as performing oral sex without a condom.
  • SC: Strip Club.
  • Scat: Defecation of a partner or involving feces in sexual play.
  • Screening: The process by which providers verify the safety and legitimacy of clients.
  • Seeking Arrangements: A website facilitating no-strings-attached arrangements, often for financial benefits.
  • Self-Post: A provider or agency posing as a client to write positive reviews.
  • Self-Service: Masturbation, particularly in establishments where no contact with the provider occurs.
  • Sensual Massage: A massage focusing on relaxation and pleasure, not necessarily including full sexual services.
  • Session: The time spent with a provider.
  • Sex Worker: A broad term encompassing various types of adult service providers.
  • SFH: Sex for Hire.
  • SG: Street Girls, referring to sex workers who work on the streets.
  • Shemale: A transgender individual, particularly one who lives as a woman but has not undergone sex reassignment surgery.
  • Shill: Someone who pretends to be a satisfied customer to promote a service or provider.
  • Shots on Goal: The number of orgasms or ejaculations allowed in a session.
  • Sixty Nine, 69: A sexual position where partners perform oral sex on each other simultaneously.
  • Slam, Slammed: Unjustifiably harsh or abusive criticism directed at a service provider.
  • Slixa: An online platform where escorts can post ads, allowing clients to browse and choose services by region.
  • SO: Significant Other.
  • SOF: Shit on Floor, a derogatory term sometimes used in the adult industry.
  • SOG: Shot On Goal, referring to achieving orgasm.
  • SOMF: Sat on My Face, a sexual act involving face-sitting.
  • SOP: Standard Operating Procedure, common practices or guidelines in a particular setting.
  • Soixante neuf: French term for the 69 position.
  • South of the Border: Slang for the genital region.
  • Southern France: Bareback Blow Job (BBBJ), oral sex without a condom.
  • SP: Service Provider, another term for a sex worker.
  • SPA: Streetwalker stroll area, specifically San Pablo Avenue in Oakland, CA.
  • Spanish: Ass to Mouth, a sexual act where something is transferred from the anus to the mouth.
  • Spanish (In Australia): A sexual act involving penis stimulation between breasts.
  • Spinner: A very petite and slim girl.
  • Sponge: An absorbent item used in the vagina, often during menstruation.
  • Squirting, Squirter: Female ejaculation, referring to a provider who can ejaculate.
  • SRS: Sexual Reassignment Surgery.
  • ST: Short Time, a brief service session.
  • STD: Sexually Transmitted Disease.
  • Sting: A police operation where officers pose as sex workers or clients to apprehend persons involved in prostitution.
  • STR: Short Term Relationship.
  • Street action: Prostitution solicited on public streets, with encounters often occurring in vehicles or nearby locations.
  • Stripper Slide: A sexual act where a provider slides their genitalia across a client’s.
  • Stroll: An area frequently walked by streetwalkers.
  • A website for mutually beneficial arrangements between older men (sugar daddies) and younger women (sugar babies).
  • Summer Teeth: A colloquial term implying missing teeth.
  • Sunshine, Sunny: Without a condom.
  • SW: Street Walker or Sex Worker.
  • SWOP: Sex Workers Outreach Program, an organization offering support to sex workers.
  • Sybian: A mechanical sex device resembling a half-barrel with a dildo attachment.
  • SYT: Sweet Young Thing, referring to a young and attractive person.


  • Take care of business: Payment made to a provider.
  • TAMP: Therapeutic Asian Massage Parlor.
  • Tantric massagespiritual and sensual practice that integrates elements of the ancient Tantra tradition to enhance emotional and physical well-being through mindful, energizing touch.
  • TCSS: Talk Cock Sing Song, casual conversation.
  • Teabag: A sexual act involving dipping the testicles into a partner’s mouth.
  • TER: The Erotic Review, a review board for clients and providers.
  • TG: Transgender.
  • TGTBT: Too Good To Be True, indicating skepticism about the authenticity of an offer or person.
  • Throne Job: Masturbation in a sex establishment, often in a chair or throne-like seat.
  • Tina: Slang for crystal meth.
  • Tipping required: Additional payments demanded by a provider for certain services.
  • TLD: Topless Lap Dance.
  • TLN: Toda La Noche, Spanish for “all night,” indicating a long session.
  • TOFTT: Take One For The Team, where a client tries out a new or unreviewed provider.
  • TOS: Take Out Service, referring to outcall services.
  • Tossing Salad: Slang for analingus.
  • Translation, translator: A condom, used for safe sex practices.
  • Tri-F: A person who follows the “Find them, Fuck them, Forget them” strategy.
  • Trick: A sex act for money, or a term for a client of sex workers.
  • Troll: A person who posts inflammatory or deceptive messages online.
  • Trolling: The act of looking for sex workers, either online or by driving around.
  • TS: Table Shower, a feature in some massage parlors.
  • TTA: Tight Tan Ass.
  • Tuft: A description of pubic hair style.
  • TUMA: Tongue Up My Ass, a sexual act involving analingus.
  • Turn tricks: Engaging in prostitution.
  • TV: Transvestite.
  • TVSW: Transvestite Street Walker.
  • Two Call System: A safety protocol for arranging incall appointments.


  • Umbrella: Slang for a condom.
  • Uncovered: Without a condom.
  • Upsell: Increasing the price for additional services once a session has begun.
  • UTR: Under The Radar, referring to providers who maintain a low profile.


  • Vet: To screen a potential client for safety and legitimacy.
  • VFM: Value For Money, assessing the worth of a service.


  • WAH: Wild Ass Humping, an enthusiastic sexual encounter.
  • Water Sports: Urination play in a sexual context.
  • Weeklies: Alternative weekly newspapers with adult service listings.
  • WF: Wild Fuck, indicating a particularly passionate or intense sexual encounter.
  • WG: Working Girl, a term for a prostitute.
  • WK: White Knight, a person who defends a provider against negative reviews.
  • Whore monger: A person who frequently visits sex workers.
  • With: With a condom.
  • Without: Without a condom.
  • WIR: Would I Repeat/Return/Recommend.
  • WL: Working Lady.
  • WOA: Word Of Advice.
  • Working girl: A term for a prostitute.
  • WSW: White Street Walker.
  • WTF: What The Fuck, expressing disbelief or shock.


  • X: Kiss.
  • O: Hug.
  • XOXO: Kisses and Hugs.
  • YMMV: Your Mileage May Vary, indicating that experiences with providers can vary.
  • 1/2 and 1/2: Half and half, combining oral sex and full-service intercourse.
  • 411: Information or details.
  • 420: Open to marijuana use.
  • 69: Simultaneous oral sex by partners facing opposite directions.

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